Sourcing Talent In Europe



I’ve encountered quite a few recruiters that have had to run searches for candidates in European countries. One of the main ways to locate the talent in these markets is to LEARN about your target market.

What Does “Learn About Your Target Market” Mean?

Think about the searches that you’ve conducted here state side, what did you do to target a specific area for talent? Did you look for phone number area codes? Postal codes? City names surrounding the major markets that you need to find talent for? There’s nothing too unique about the search that you need to run in Europe, just apply the same logic.


Phone Number Area/Dialling Codes For Republic Of Ireland:


Now all we need to do is add these to a Boolean string (this one’s pretty basic, you can make a much more targeted one for your own purposes).

(“software engineer” OR “software developer”) AND (“021” OR “022” OR “023” OR “024” OR “025” OR “026” OR “027” OR “027” OR “029”) AND Ireland AND “cv” AND java -template -sample -recruitment -recruiter -HR -job -jobs -apply



We can also format our basic string into an X-ray string for LinkedIn: OR ( AND (“software engineer” OR “software developer”) AND (“021” OR “022” OR “023” OR “024” OR “025” OR “026” OR “027” OR “027” OR “029”) AND Ireland AND java -dir




Or we can even X-ray Xing (big in Europe) but we’ll remove the phone area codes: AND (“software engineer” OR “software developer”) AND Ireland AND java -dir



Try a similar search with Viadeo, another popular site in Europe: inurl:profile “engineer” OR “developer” “java” AND “Ireland”



The main thing to remember is that you’ll need to do a little research into the market you want to recruit in and take time to formulate the correct strings and find the right resources to leverage.

Think broadly and then narrow your searches down little by little to hone in on your desired results.

Hopefully this helps, let me know and feel free to share your own process with me if you would like to.

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